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The Incubation Program, which we have been continuing since 2020, aims to support news and media start-ups in Turkey at the beginning of their journey.

What is Incubation?

A program consisting of workshops, expert support, coaching and micro-grants. Our aim is to accompany the birth and growth phases of media start-ups.

What do we want to change?

In Turkey, professionals in the media field have difficulties in positioning themselves as entrepreneurs. Our aim is to support professionalism in the media and to enable media professionals to develop themselves as entrepreneurs.

What do graduates say?

"The trainings were very useful in both branding/marketing and content creation. We also established a close, cooperative relationship with the other participants."​
Şenol Balı
Ekoloji Haber
"The fact that the instructor staff consists of people working in academia and the industry was beneficial in terms of understanding the subjects and experiencing how the journalism process works in practice."​
Filiz Kırmızıoğlu
Gelecek Burada
"In addition to the useful information I learned in the workshops, I also learned who to consult and where to get information on relevant issues. I will use my knowledge to provide free health information to the public and improve their health."​
Eray Öntaş
Toplum Sağlığı
"There are many journalists who do not have the means to launch their projects. The opportunities offered by the academy are a kind of blessing for them. In the end, good work will come out and I hope the quality of the media environment will increase with such work."​
Defne Sarıöz
Gökkuşağı Bülteni
"The energy of both the participants, the instructors and the NLTR team was very high. The instructors were experienced and competent people who had devoted years to their field. It was great to listen to them and connect with them."​
Ömer Burak Tek
Rapor Bülteni

What incubation program offers?

Opportunity to meet with industry leaders

In our workshops, editorial or administrative representatives of successful media initiatives in the sector share their experiences and guide our participants on their initiatives.

Our experts, who make a difference in the sector with their initiatives, sometimes develop projects and collaborations with the participants, and sometimes reflect their own experiences, enabling our participants to add new dimensions to their projects and gain different perspectives.

Opportunity to participate from anywhere in Turkey

Most of the capacity building programs in Turkey focus on cities like Istanbul and Ankara. However, news and journalists are everywhere. For our workshops held in our office in Istanbul, we bring journalists from their home cities to Istanbul, the heart of the sector, to participate in workshops and to visit some newsrooms to exchange experiences.

Choose your own route

Unlike many capacity building programs, in addition to our mandatory workshops, we offer elective workshops, paving the way for media entrepreneurs to choose the path that is right for them and to continue their development around a specific strategy.

Joining a network of entrepreneurs

For us, incubation is not only a model where start-ups are born, but also a model where they contribute to each other through collaborations. We not only support new media entrepreneurs, but also help them develop a culture of collaboration and make their potential visible by creating joint works.

A support process spanning a wide period of time

In our opinion, every organization in this network is a natural partner for NewsLabTurkey. We extend our relationships over many years and accompany our partners in their resource and strategy development processes. We support them on their journey by continuing to provide them with coaching and expertise.

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