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The purpose of NLTR Research Hub is to conduct research on the future of journalism and to create new discussions.

Why were we founded?

The media is at the center of a technological, financial and political crisis. While the newsrooms are trying to keep up with this change, the academy is trying to understand this change by transforming their skill sets. NewsLabTurkey Research Hub emerged to meet these needs at a time when the academy had difficulties in understanding the media and the media professionals and entrepreneurs needed help to understand their own problems.

What do we do?

Our research unit publishes technical reports and research on different problems and developments in the journalism industry. We also provide research and consultancy services to non-governmental organizations and commercial organizations in the field of media and communication. Our aim is to contribute to sectoral progress by conducting research with semi-academic pragmatic approaches in the field of journalism.

Dr. Sarphan UZUNOĞLU


Assoc. Prof. Suncem Koçer


Prof. Dr. Erkan Saka


Dr. Aylin Dağsalgüler


Dr. İpek Z. Ruacan


Dr. Serra Sezgin


How to contact us

NewsLabTurkey Research Hub is based in Caferağa Mahallesi Şair Nefi Sokak No:46/5 Kadıköy / İstanbul. Our email address is research@newslabturkey.orgDue to the coronavirus and our working regime, email is the best way to contact our researchers.

  • For your inquiries regarding partnership you can contact Hazal Sena Karaca (hazalsena@newslabturkey.org).
  •  If you are a journalist seeking information or comment for one of your stories, contact Sarphan Uzunoğlu or Hazal Sena Karaca (sarphan@newslabturkey.org & hazalsena@newslabturkey.org).