About us

What is NewsLabTurkey

NewsLabTurkey is an organization that aims to provide training to corporate and individual actors in the Turkish journalism industry and future journalists on journalism practices and to keep them informed of developments in the field. Continuing its activities as a project of the Digital Media Research Association, NewsLabTurkey’s activities have been supported by institutions such as The Guardian Foundation, SIDA, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Consulate General.

What do we do?

n incubator|

We support media professionals to realize their dreams in our incubation program, in which 24 national and local projects participate every year. Participants of the Incubation Program get access to a micro-grant, which they will use to attend workshops, receive advice from experts in the field, and bring their projects to life.

n news|

Since 2018, as NewsLabTurkey.org, we have been sharing the developments regarding the journalism industry in the world and in Turkey with Turkish journalists on our website. The first e-bulletin for journalists in Turkey, “What Are We Reading” reaches the inboxes of more than 3000 people every week.

n research|

The media is at the heart of technological, financial and political crises. While newsrooms are trying to keep up with this change, academia seeks to understand this change by transforming their skill sets. NewsLabTurkey Research Hub is trying to meet these needs in this period when the academy has difficulties in understanding the media and the media needs help to understand their own problems.

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Every year, we provide expert support to newsrooms in different parts of Turkey, try to find solutions to their problems, and stand by them in their innovations.

n podcast|

Podcast space in Turkey is growing day by day. We, as NewsLabTurkey, set off with the workshop we organized in Sweden in 2018 with the support of the Swedish Institute and The Guardian Foundation, and we continue with the workshops and events we organize every year. Our aim is to bring quality content and strong content producers to Turkey’s podcast field.

Our Team

Dr. Sarphan Uzunoğlu

Founder, Dırector

Duygu Uzunoğlu

Chıef Edıtor

Ahmet A. Sabancı

Strategy Coordınator

Defne Kapan


Ruşen Efe


Metehan Akman


Ezgi Yeşilbaş


Sakine Orman


Contact us

NewsLabTurkey continues its activities at Caferağa Mahallesi Şair Nefi Sokak No:46/4 Kadıköy / Istanbul. Our e-mail address is contact@newslabturkey.org. Due to our hybrid working regime, we prefer communication via e-mail.

For questions about our digital operations, you can contact Duygu Uzunoğlu (duygu@newslabturkey.org).

For questions about our incubation and training programs, you can contact Filiz Kırmızıoğlu (filiz@newslabturkey.org).

For questions about our research operations, you can contact Sarphan Uzunoğlu (sarphan@newslabturkey.org).

NewsLabTurkey is a project by Digital Media Research Association.

NewsLabTurkey is a member of Global Forum for Media Development.