About us

What is NewsLabTurkey

NewsLabTurkey is an organization that aims to provide training to corporate and individual actors in the Turkish journalism industry and future journalists on journalism practices and to keep them informed of developments in the field. Continuing its activities as a project of the Digital Media Research Association, NewsLabTurkey’s activities have been supported by institutions such as The Guardian Foundation, SIDA, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Consulate General.

Our objectives

  • Promoting professionalism in Turkey’s media landscape.
  • Promoting technological advancements rooted in Turkey’s media industry.
  • Promoting freedom of speech and open debate in Turkey’s media landscape.
  • Training Turkey-based media professionals in their field.
  • Providing training sets for Turkey-based digital news outlets on new media and content management.
  • Providing consultancy to media and civil society actors in Turkey.

What do we do?

We support media professionals to realize their dreams in our incubation program, in which 24 national and local projects participate every year.

As a part of our routine digital activities, we publish original articles and translations in the following categories: Business models, digital security, journalist’s toolbox, newsroom, social network & community building. We try to display a solution-oriented approach in our work. We provide Turkish journalists and media entrepreneurs with the information they needed for establishing their own newsrooms or keeping their newsrooms sustainable and trendy in the constantly changing media environment. We have translation agreements with institutions that shape the journalism education sphere such as Poynter and Niemanlab.
Our research unit publishes technical reports and research on different problems and developments in the journalism industry. We also provide research and consultancy services to non-governmental organizations and commercial organizations in the field of media and communication. Our aim is to contribute to sectoral progress by conducting research with semi-academic pragmatic approaches in the field of journalism.

Podcast space in Turkey is growing day by day. We, as NewsLabTurkey, set off with the workshop we organized in Sweden in 2018 with the support of the Swedish Institute and The Guardian Foundation, and we continue with the workshops and events we organize every year. Our aim is to bring quality content and strong content producers to Turkey’s podcast field.

Every year, we provide expert support to newsrooms in different parts of Turkey, try to find solutions to their problems, and stand by them in their innovations.

Our Team

Dr. Sarphan Uzunoğlu

Founder, Dırector

Duygu Uzunoğlu

Chıef Edıtor

Ahmet A. Sabancı

Strategy Coordınator

Elif Ünal


Sakine Orman

Project Offıcer

Defne Kapan

Project Assıstant

Filiz Kırmızıoğlu

Project Offıcer

Metehan Akman

Project Assıstant